Friday, February 3, 2012


Karl Keating is a tremendous Catholic apologist and Ronald Knox fan. One of the many things Mr. Keating has in common with Msgr. Knox is a particularly gracious generosity. 
From Karl:
"Msgr. Ronald Knox long has been one of my favorite Catholic writers--one of my favorite writers, period. I have dozens of his books, and each time I return to one I chide myself for not having come back to it sooner. 

Knox was a man of immense talents. He translated the entire Bible on his own (his is the version I use for devotional reading), he was a Classical scholar of renown, he wrote detective stories and other fiction, he was an apologist, and he was a convert to the faith.

Knox died in 1957. Succeeding generations of English-speaking Catholics largely are ignorant of him. This is a shame, for he still has much to offer. Fortunately, there is a revival of interest in Knox. One of the best places to go to learn about him and to read portions of his works is the website of the Ronald Knox Society of North America:

I urge you to visit the site, making sure to click on the link to the blog. The link is at the top of the righthand column, which features recently reprinted books by Knox plus books about him.

If you want to read Knox, I suggest you start with "The Belief of Catholics," a short book he wrote early on. Also try Milton Walsh's "Ronald Knox as Apologist," which I found both enlightening and helpful. For that matter, try any of the books listed--they're all good."